About Me

This is Satyadeep Karnati. Co-founder, Babygogo parenting app. I am a web and mobile developer, photographer, cyclist, music lover and a foodie!

I did my B.Tech in Computer Science And Engineering (Class of 2012), at IIT Guwahati.

I am interested in web and Android app development and like to build cool stuff, getting my hands dirty with code. I want to build awesome applications which improve people's lives.

I am a web addict and tech freak and  want to share my experiences and
resourceful findings - some of which I learnt  after hours of struggle.

I am also interested in Photography and love to take interesting shots. When I am not writing code or shooting photos, you can find me on my cycle  breezing through the city roads!

Feel free to browse through the blog.

Email: [email protected]