Our debut short film "Deception" trailer on Escapist Creations

Here is the trailer for our first short movie Deception, under our banner Escapist Creations.

For a long time I wanted to be part of a short film but never took it seriously.  But when my friend Sai Kumar came up with an interesting script and wanted me to join, I couldn't refuse.  With his perfect plan and strong preparation, the movie finally took off  the ground. We guys tried not to compromise anywhere on taking the shots and editing the scenes.

The movie was shot in IIT Guwahati with story and direction by my friend Sai Kumar. I played a major role in Cinematography and Editing and my friends Nani, Bharat and Pramod took part in acting. After a week long hard work with shooting and long night outs editing, the movie is almost complete. We decided to release a trailer before we complete the post production works - editing, sound mixing and other finishing touches. So here it is, experience it!

Here is our director Sai Kumar's take on the film. Also like us on Facebook to catch up with our productions,

QuickTip: Right click to open terminal in current directory in Ubuntu

Wouldn't it be useful to open the terminal in the current directory from the GNOME file browser of Ubuntu? The following package gives an option to open the terminal from the right click menu in the nautilus file browser.
Install the package nautilus-open-terminal from the Synaptic package manager or by using the command

[bash]sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal[/bash]

You may need to restart nautilus for the change to appear.

[bash] killall nautilus && nautilus[/bash]

By the way, what is nautilus?

Ans: It is the official file manager for the GNOME desktop, just like explorer is the file manager for Windows.

DoYouKnow: example.com is reserved for a special purpose!


The domain example.com which you come across daily in several tutorials and manuals, is a real one and is reserved by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). It is an organisation responsible for allocation of unique global domain names.

Have you ever checked it entering in the browser?

Not only this one, the  domains example.org and example.net are special domains which can be used without any permission in the documents for illustrative examples. These are neutral domains and are not available for registration.  The www subdomains like www.example.com can also be used, but other subdomains like something.example.com does not exist.

But why do we need special purpose domains for this, why not use some arbitrary names? Because, any domain you can think of may exist with some chance and  this may lead to naming conflicts. Moreover when you see something@example.com, you immediately understand that it is a place holder and should be filled with a specific one.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Example.com

Beauty of Pixar animation!

I just cannot resist sharing this beautiful compilation I found of all Pixar animation movies in a single clip.
I watched all the Pixar films, each one a classic - filled with lot of  emotion, touching characters, humour, splendid art and backed by heart warming story.

This wonderful video is created by Leandro Copperfield.

Quick Tip: Save youtube videos in Ubuntu - the easiest way

Sometimes, we would like to save Youtube videos to our computer for watching them later. There are many download managers and helpers to do this on different platforms. But if you are using Firefox on Ubuntu, there is a simpler way without any hassles of using plugins.

  • Open the video on the youtube page normally and allow it to buffer completely.
  • Open the directory /tmp in which the flash video is actually cached. You will notice a file something like say "FlashXXQ4xGrX".
  • After the video is completely buffered, copy the file from /tmp to your directory and rename it like something.flv
  • That's it and you are done.

Many a times, the Mozilla Firefox cache is not stored in /tmp but in the folder like /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/your_profile/Cache. This is a hidden folder and use Ctrl+H to make it visible in the File manager. A lot of files are stored in the Cache folder and sort the files on DateModified to trace the right one.