Picasa 3 for Linux: Proxy setting

Picasa LogoIts been a long time since Google upgraded Picasa for Linux from 2.7 to 3.0 adding new features like 'Sync to Web', retouching images etc. Even though it is tagged beta it is quite stable with some minor issues though. It is actually ported through Wine directly.

Uploading to Web albums is one major reason why I love Picasa. But the current version has issue of connecting to web albums through a proxy giving an error like "Check your internet connection". Going through the FAQ http://picasa.google.com/linux/faq.html#31gives a solution to this.


[shell light="true"] /opt/google/picasa/3.0/bin/wrapper regedit[/shell]

in terminal to start Picasa's regedit.
Then the proxy settings can be changed by following the instructions given for tweaking windows in general at http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/detail/292/ .

Send To Dropbox: Email files to your Dropbox!

Email to Dropbox

If you have by an accident skimmed through my blog, you would have already realized that I am a big fan of Dropbox. Here's one more tip for Dropbox power users.

Ever thought, it would be nice if you can email files to your Dropbox. You may have several reasons for that

  • Directly send files from your smart phone to Dropbox just by a mail
  • Request a person without dropbox to send files to your Dropbox
  • Perform automated database backup of your Wordpress blog to Dropbox!
  • ..........missed something? Drop in a comment!

Send To Dropbox is a third party Dropbox app which achieves this functionality using the Dropbox API.  You just need to connect your Dropbox account with Send To Dropbox, just like a twitter or facebook application - No password business! After authentication, it gives you a unique email id to which you can send the attachments to. Thats it! Any mail sent to this email will directly land in the new "Attachments" folder in your Dropbox.

You can also change settings to dump files in organized way - For example sorted by subject, or day as shown below. The app also has an option to automatically decompress .zip archives before putting into your Dropbox.

Send to dropbox

If you don’t know what Dropbox is, it is a popular file synchronization and backup tool which automatically syncs all your computers which are linked to your Dropbox to the cloud. It also gives a 2 GB free online storage space which can be expanded to a whopping 10 GB.


Dropbox <3s School!Is your Dropbox space just sufficient for you to sync your projects and assignments? You want to carry all your sweet memories and videos of college life with you and feeling that the current free space is not enough?

The popular file synchronisation and backup tool Dropbox reaches out more to students by giving away double the referral credit i.e 500 MB of extra space for each referral invite instead of 250 MB! This also applies to the referrals already invited. So the maximum space you can get now is 18 GB (2 GB free + 16 GB referral) instead of 10 GB (2 + 8 GB) if you are a student.

For this you do not need to register Dropbox with your college/school email id. Just proceed to here after logging in with your existing Dropbox id and then fill out your college email id ( for example [email protected] if you are from IIT Guwahati) and a confirmation will be sent to that id. After confirming it, you are done and the space will be added instantly.  Dropbox has already added several college domains to their database and you can submit a ticket if your college email is not accepted.

And this extra space will persist forever even after you pass out of your school. If you are already a passed out alumni, try to get your college email id redeemed to avail this :P

Helpful Links:

Ubuntu 10.10 is coming on 10-10-10 : 10 days from now!!

The Ubuntu 'Lucid Lynx' is transforming into the 'Maverick Meerkat'  10.10 on auspicious date 10-10-10. The Ubuntu 10.10 beta version is already out for testing. One major change you will find as soon as you run the live CD is a fully revamped installer. It is particularly well designed for new users with lesser options, simpler partitioning of disks and an appealing look.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="330" caption="Simpler Installation"]Maverick Installation[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="326" caption="Easier Partitioning"]maverick partitions[/caption]

The official Ubuntu 10.10 countdown timers like the one above are also released to mark the release day and you can grab them here to embed them into your page.

Lynx 'Maverick' Meerkat

'Lucid' Lynx and the 'Maverick' Meerkat

Update: Ubuntu 10.10 is officially released on 10-10-10 at 10:10:10 GMT

satyadeepk.in - My own domain!

Now I have shifted to my own domain in this web-o-sphere, satyadeepk.in instead of the previously used free domain satyadeep.tk :)